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Bacon at the 2012 Something Independent Entrepreneur Awards

October 3, 2012 Leave a comment

We were a proud sponsor for the 2012 Something Independent Entrepreneur Awards last night and Dave also had the honor of being one of the judges for the participants.

What is SIEA? Something Independent invited business from all around Colorado to compete for a grand prize of $1,500 in a video competition. More than that, to hold an event that would show case all the business and bring them them to the public attention. In their words: “Across Colorado there exists a distinct independent spirit that is nowhere more evident than in those Colorado entrepreneurs living at the intersection of business and lifestyle. In recognition of their commitment, their accomplishments and their passion…This is not a business plan competition. This is 90 seconds to make our judges believe in you.”

23 participants from all over Colorado participated, some were entrants from last year producing new videos for 2012:

(Active Junky, Alkaline, Apex Sports Group, Astis, Bould, condorcam, Denver Beer Co, Evol, Folsom, Grace, In the Soup, MHM, Mobile Canning, Oogave, Shredly, Oz Longboards, Pakems, Peakvibe, Skea, Snug Organics, Street Swell, White Girl Salsa, Wild Goose Canning)

It was a tremendous event, we had a great turn out here at Battery 621! The top three finalists were Apex Sports Group, Condorcam (our friend here at Batter and a returning finalist), and MHM (also a returning applicant). But there could only be one winner…

Entry 11 – Mile High Mountaineering from Something Independent on Vimeo.

SIEA 2012 winner, MHM

Congratulations, MHM – Mile High Mountaineering on your terrific video!

Check out more pictures from the event on our facebook page. We’re excited to be a part of it next year.


Economics of the Soul

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Dave and I were lucky enough to attend Something Independent’s Economics of the Soul business forum this morning and hear the stories of four successful entrepreneurs in various industries. The panel was moderated by our friend Annelise Loevlie from Icelandic.

Featured panelists:

Stefan Ytterborn, Founder/CEO of POC Sports
Chuck Morris, President/CEO of AEGLive
Steve Jones, Co-Founder/Executive Producer of Teton Gravity Research
Jen Brill, Co-Founder/Owner of Silverton Mountain

They recounted their successes, motivations, and experiences finding a niche in the industries of their dreams. Here are some of our favorite points from the discussions:

01. Surround yourself with a good team of people as passionate about what they do as you are. Having a team you can depend on (and have fun with) is great for sharing in your successes and supporting you when times are difficult.

02. Be flexible.

03. If you’re not innovative and wiling to try new things you either shouldn’t be in your business or you will get forced out of it. Your goal isn’t to give people what they want, but to surprise them, to create an experience for them.

04. When you are doing what you love, that love with manifest itself in your work, service, or products because you won’t be able to work any other way.

05. What connects entrepreneurs is that they are romantic: they fall in love with what they do….(and also all that they have their fair share of sleepless nights and overworking).

If you can be passionate about cement, you can be passionate about anything.” – Annelise (from her mother).

First Friday at BWB

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

> Opening stone crabs is super-fantastical fun!

> Marty cracking open a claw

> Sweet victory

A little spontaneity is the spice of life.

At the end of the day on Friday, the BWB enjoyed a little bit of stone crab and mustard sauce (thanks, Dave!).  Then, some of the team was stayed for First Friday celebrations in the Battery621 where we had an awesome time with with the crews of Icelandic, Something Independent, The Public Works, and especially Spyder (to name a few). It is great to work in the same building with inspiring people and companies!

And as a side note from yours truly: I have to say–after  growing up in Nebraska and going to school in Wyoming–there is simply something special about the energy, drive, and ambition of Denver that is unavoidable in the best possible way. And it is my admittedly biased opinion that our Battery crew embodies that amazing spirit of Colorado. You’ll have to catch up with us next First Friday!

– Jacklynn

Rubbing elbows with “adventurous risk-takers” of all kinds

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Dave Bacon and Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper

On Tuesday night Something Independent, another awesome company in Battery621, held their first annual Snowsport Entrepreneur Award ceremony. Dave and I were luckily enough to have the night off and attend the event. Not only did the program run flawlessly under the skilled direction of Something Independent, but learning about all the participating companies was inspiring.

In Something Independent’s own words:

With this award, Something Independent looks to recognize those adventurous risk-takers who are putting it all on the line in pursuit of a dream. These individuals, their businesses and the teams behind them, bring our Colorado story to life. We are honored to present this first time award to a Colorado company poised to become a leader in our nation’s new entrepreneurial economy.

Governor John Hickenlooper started off the evening with a speech in the down-to-Earth but energizing way he has. He spoke about the importance of entrepreneurs in Colorado, not only for the economy, but for the innovation and inspiration their ideas bring to the business community as a whole. Entrepreneurs are in the business of imagination.

Shannon Foley, Executive Director of the Love Hope Strength Foundation, was the MC for the evening and she did a truly wonderful job directing the evening.

The businesses that entered the competition was Condorcam, (based here in the Battery 621!), Nightmare Development, Flylow Gear, Mile High Mountaineering, Meier Skis, Astis Mittens,, Deco Mounts, Folsom Custom Skis, Grace Skis, Loki, Level 1 Productions, The Snow Ball, Sun Dog Athletics, Mountain Media, Rawh Expressions, Supple Collection, Prism Designs, Voormi, Jeff Nass Photography, Sick Stickz, RTP, Athlete Forge, Colorado Power Forecast, and It was hard not to root for all of them. They were all so passionate about their work and what their companies can bring to their customers and Colorado. We were buzzing about it in the office the next day. Keep on keeping on, guys!

The award winner was Flylow Gear and in addition to having some great recognition last night, they also received $1,500 dollars to spend any way they choose.

2011 Snowsport Entrepreneur Award, contestant picture

2011 Snowsport Entrepreneur Award contestants

Movin’ On Up: BWBacon Gets New Digs!

We are extremely pleased to announce that, as of 6/15/2011, BWBacon are the newest tenants in Denver’s illest creative collaborative community, Battery621, located at 621 Kalamath Street in the Santa Fe Art District. 

Battery621 is much more than a building; it is an entirely new way of looking at business partnerships, social outreach, environmental sustainability and engaging clients with products and services. We look at every vendor and client in a complete circle of thinking and brand strategies. We have a tenant tell is that on their first day of doing business in Battery621 another tenant connected them with a new job. The unique mix of clients has been formed to create synergies for not only the companies within but for all of the stakeholders in 621. Under one roof we are able to do everything from ideation of brand building initiatives to product photography, TV commercials, fabrication and full international PR campaigns. While we are proud of our tenant partners we also understand this is merely the tip of the iceberg in pursuing our founding principal of 1+1=3. We are focused on finding new partners and creating something larger than either could do solely.

In the short time that Battery621 has been open, we’ve have seen new tenants come on board and have gotten close to a hanging a “no vacancy” sign. Existing tenants have expanded and grabbed more space, while continuously looking for outside companies looking for creative ways to partner up. Battery621 will strive to continuously improve the business and social environment of the building. We will also look to increase the energy of the building by bringing a diverse mix of events, art installations and business meetings. The goal always has been and will be to create the best business environment but encouraging creativity while understanding that this can only happen when our stake-holders quality of life has been improved. Business should be fun. We are having a LOT OF FUN.”

Reach out to schedule a time to come check out the new BWBacon space, and to experience something truly unique in the way companies are coming together for collaboration and community.  We’re in good company – other “tenants” include:

The Public Works

Wink Inc.



Something Independent



Company Be

Artists Creative Agency

5280 Agency