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BWBacon hits LeanUX Denver

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

BWBacon's booth at LeanUX Denver

We had such a great time at LeanUX Denver last week meeting a ton of great new people and catching up with old friends. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table to chat with us and find out about some of our UX/UI positions—Even if you were just swinging by to pick up some of our gourmet chocolate covered bacon.

It was a superb event! We loved the excitement and energy of everyone involved. There were fantastic companies, phenomenal workshop leaders & speakers, and plenty of talented folks interested in learning more about LeanUX. Attendees included people from all over the globe: everyone from Boston to New Zealand, and yet, it was still an intimate enough event for everyone to be able to get to know each other….

Dave presents Floyd with chocolate covered bacon.

I was even lucky enough to attend two of the half-day workshops on Wednesday and can personally attest to how informative and fun they were.

We look forward to attending this event again. Great job to all the people who worked on making this event a success! We are glad we could help through sponsorship. See you all next year!


BWBacon is a flute sponsor for Playing for Change Day!

July 27, 2012 Leave a comment

BWBacon is a proud flute sponsor for the next Playing for Change Day event, scheduled for September 22!

PFC Day is a global benefit event to promote peace and positive change through music. The Playing for Change Foundation makes it its mission to create positive social change in the world through music education. By providing children a safe place to learn, flourish and express themselves, PFCF helps provide a creative alternative to the struggles many of these children face daily. To date, they’ve built eight schools, often in locations that suffer from extreme poverty, lack of basic resources, limited medical care and educational resources, past conflicts and genocide, unstable governments, and a host of infectious diseases.

BWBacon has a long history of supporting Playing for Change and it’s missions in a variety of ways. Dave Bacon himself acts on the board of the directors. BWB has also connected them with some of our BWBacon’s friends like HiDef, Inc. and mGive to support last year’s Playing for Change Day event. Recently, BWBacon Group has connected them with Denver’s very own music project,’s Youth Media Studio, being built In the South Lincoln/Mariposa community near the 10th & Osage station.

And finally, if you were appreciating those sponsorship icons, yours truly is thrilled to be able to actively support them through an in-kind donation of design work:

These are the sponsorship icon’s Jacklynn from BWB developed for the event. They feature some of the instruments the children of the Playing for Change school’s learn: the flute, the sarangi, and the djembe.

ooOO! SVGs may be coming to a browser near you!

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Smashing Magazine published an article today (Resolution Independence with SVG by David Bushell) that should certainly made me excited and I thought I should share for all the web designers out there.

The article basically discusses the benefits—nay, the necessity!—of implementing scalable vector graphics in web design.

“When we look at the breadth of Web-enabled devices, responsive design is sure to provide a better user experience.”

Think about all the devices we navigate the web through, many of them have have the capability to zoom in and when you have created your designs in a pixel-based program, like Photoshop, the designs get…well, pixelated. Bushell points out that SVGs have probably been under-appreciated and underused in the past because of poor browser support, “but things are better now!” If you’re a UI designer who has yet to dip his quill in the ink of SVG coding, you should check out this article where Bushell gives a great discussion about implementation SVG in web design, both pros and cons.

Your admittedly-biased SVG fan,

BWBacon Young Recruiter Program

Today we piloted our cutting-edge, industry-leading Young Recruiter program.  Shown here, our young recruiter-in-training (my very lovely 15 month-old niece, Nehema), read up on technology trends while under the watchful tutelage of Dave.

Our cold-calling module was a little bit bumpy, but by the end of the day Nehema had an expert command of the terms “Ruby on Rails” and “Regression Testing.”  Plus, who needs real skills when you’ve got a face like that?

Some call it babysitting; we call it anticipatory competency-development.

Click here to apply for the BWBacon Young Recruiter program.  Or for a real job.

Introducing the Bacon Food Truck


Maybe the west coast is the best coast?  The food truck craze that has quite literally been swiffering the nation may have reached its greasy pinnacle.  The Bacon Bacon Truck opened up truck this week in San Francisco (SOMA), offering passersby bacon-infused goodness in many a delicious form.  They’re also offering badass t-shirts that assert what we’ve long held as gospel truth:  you had me at Bacon.

We’re holding out hope that the bacon truck will eventually take cues from the rest of the nation by moving to Denver, driving poorly, congesting traffic and never leaving. In the meantime, we continue to hold down the proverbial bacon fort here in Denver, representing bacon interests of all types, the most clear and present being our interest in finding the best and brightest web, software, mobile and interactive development and design talent in Colorado.  Contact us if we had you at bacon.

When Writing Your Resume, Come Legit

Your resume is your professional calling card.  It shouldn’t suck.  Unless sucking is your MO.

Business Insider published an article with some truly exceptional resumes.  Worth your perusal for inspiration, as you prep your resume to email to your friends at BWBacon Group, who are going to help you land your next sweet web development or interactive design job.

Wake and Bake

Our friends at have once again outdone themselves.  Wake up to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and the enchanting sound of swine, with the Bakon homemade bacon alarm clock.  Never has a fire hazard seemed so worthwhile…

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