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BWBacon hits LeanUX Denver

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

BWBacon's booth at LeanUX Denver

We had such a great time at LeanUX Denver last week meeting a ton of great new people and catching up with old friends. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table to chat with us and find out about some of our UX/UI positions—Even if you were just swinging by to pick up some of our gourmet chocolate covered bacon.

It was a superb event! We loved the excitement and energy of everyone involved. There were fantastic companies, phenomenal workshop leaders & speakers, and plenty of talented folks interested in learning more about LeanUX. Attendees included people from all over the globe: everyone from Boston to New Zealand, and yet, it was still an intimate enough event for everyone to be able to get to know each other….

Dave presents Floyd with chocolate covered bacon.

I was even lucky enough to attend two of the half-day workshops on Wednesday and can personally attest to how informative and fun they were.

We look forward to attending this event again. Great job to all the people who worked on making this event a success! We are glad we could help through sponsorship. See you all next year!


A Mean One-Two Combo

Good luck making it through the day without someone trying to eat your face bro!

Spray on a little Bakon perfume … next thing you know, you’re married to a model from Milan.   It’s almost too easy.

Movin’ On Up: BWBacon Gets New Digs!

We are extremely pleased to announce that, as of 6/15/2011, BWBacon are the newest tenants in Denver’s illest creative collaborative community, Battery621, located at 621 Kalamath Street in the Santa Fe Art District. 

Battery621 is much more than a building; it is an entirely new way of looking at business partnerships, social outreach, environmental sustainability and engaging clients with products and services. We look at every vendor and client in a complete circle of thinking and brand strategies. We have a tenant tell is that on their first day of doing business in Battery621 another tenant connected them with a new job. The unique mix of clients has been formed to create synergies for not only the companies within but for all of the stakeholders in 621. Under one roof we are able to do everything from ideation of brand building initiatives to product photography, TV commercials, fabrication and full international PR campaigns. While we are proud of our tenant partners we also understand this is merely the tip of the iceberg in pursuing our founding principal of 1+1=3. We are focused on finding new partners and creating something larger than either could do solely.

In the short time that Battery621 has been open, we’ve have seen new tenants come on board and have gotten close to a hanging a “no vacancy” sign. Existing tenants have expanded and grabbed more space, while continuously looking for outside companies looking for creative ways to partner up. Battery621 will strive to continuously improve the business and social environment of the building. We will also look to increase the energy of the building by bringing a diverse mix of events, art installations and business meetings. The goal always has been and will be to create the best business environment but encouraging creativity while understanding that this can only happen when our stake-holders quality of life has been improved. Business should be fun. We are having a LOT OF FUN.”

Reach out to schedule a time to come check out the new BWBacon space, and to experience something truly unique in the way companies are coming together for collaboration and community.  We’re in good company – other “tenants” include:

The Public Works

Wink Inc.



Something Independent



Company Be

Artists Creative Agency

5280 Agency

Business Card or Scent Tester Strip?

The advent of a number of bacon-scented sprays has blurred the lines between traditional business card and scent tester strip.  BWBacon Group is pushing the envelope by eliminating any ambiguity, with our all new bacon-scented business cards.

Of course, in order to catch a whiff, you’ll have to shake hands and bring the charm – they don’t come easy, and are not recommended for the faint of heart.

Disclaimer:  possessing one of our cards will make you hungry to work with BWBacon Group.


What We Look Like Making Recruiting Calls

June 13, 2011 1 comment

I wish I was kidding.  We love recruiting like JoJo Cookin’ loves Fridays.

Vegan Ipsum, Minor Interesting Quam Bacon

My Latin is old and moldy, but you get the idea.

While bacon is certainly our prime mover here at BWBacon Group, we thought it only fair and prudent to provide a follow-up to last week’s Bacon Ipsum post, with a link to a complementary site for the herbivores in the house, Vegan Ipsum.

Lentils, grains and legumes are an empirically less compelling filler than prime rib and tenderloin, but it all goes to the same place.

Enjoy, friends!

Lorem Ipsum Too Bland?

Try the Bacon Ipsum generator and give your design some substance!

Sure, Latin is lovely and no one knows what the hell it means, but why use empty filler when you can inject your design with some hot meat?  Thanks to BWBacon consultant, Jason Walker, for the hearty recommendation.