Perch Interactive: the futre of retail design?

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The Denver Egotist posted these amazing videos featuring projected displays by Perch Interactive with the caption: “And this is why developers are in such high demand.”

While I’m sure this might actually frighten my own mother, I still think it’s awesome. It’s amazing how quickly technologies are growing and morphing into things we wouldn’t have thought was possible a few years ago.

Just thought you’d like this. Maybe you’re ready for bigger challenge too?


BW Giving donates another $600+

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We would love to introduce you to eight new charities BWBacon is proud to support on thanks to our thoughtful resources:

Our BW Giving program helps us acknowledge the hard work our resources do for the companies we’ve connected them with by supporting the causes they care about. They represent us and so we want to represent them.

This quarter, we donated over $600 dollars in our candidate’s names towards organizations they choose, including these eight new foundations! This brings our grand total to $10,062 we have donated to charities since beginning this program.

  • Project Yes: Provides leadership opportunities for young people through the arts and service-learning located in Lafayette, Colorado.
  • UNICEF:  Helping to build a world where the rights of every child are realized by providing child survival development, education, gender equality, medical aid, and protection.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation: Defends people’s rights in an increasingly digital world.
  • Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters:  Whether a child needs hospitalization, ongoing care for a chronic illness, outpatient surgery or primary care, CHKD Health System provides the staff, facilities and technologies that address the unique demands of childhood.
  • Mountain States Children’s Home: For 50 years on 155 acres, MSCH has provided room for a child to find peace, protection, and a place in a world where their needs will be met.
  • Denver’s Road Home: Denver’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness approved by Mayor Hickenlooper and the Denver City Council.
  • American Cancer Society: A nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.
  • Camp Kesem:  A college-student-run summer camp for kids whose parents have (or have had) cancer whose goal is to provide plenty of laughs and lots of emotional but non-therapeutic support for their campers.

Playing for Change at Place Bridge Academy

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Did you all have a great time at our First Friday part last weekend? We were so excited to introduce everyone to Playing for Change through our close ties with the foundation! What you might not have known is that we also invited the two PFC band members, Jason Tamba & Mermans Mosengo, to visit Place Bridge Academy before coming to Battery 621 to jam out with you all. Place Bridge is a wonderful school that includes nine Newcomer Centers for English Language Learners. 30+ different languages and over 50 difference countries are represented in their student body! Also there were some of the staff and teachers from the amazing Foundation.

Mermans and Jason performed a number of wonderful songs you might have heard if you listen watch their YouTube videos as obsessively as we have been in our offices: Stand By Me, One Love…etc, but a personal favorite was a song that Jason wrote about finding wandering goats in the evening back in Congo. It was called “bahhhh.” It was so interesting to hear the stories their stories of growing up and how they began playing music.

They also played with the kids a lot. Above is one of the boys performing a song he wrote himself about not letting mean people bother you. Adorable.


Kids dancing and playing.

I hope you know better than to miss out on our great events  now!


Better With…real relationships

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Imagine if you will, our own motley crew coming packing into one or two cars to your company. The Bacon group, in the flesh. Baring gifts and a endless amount of enthusiasm….

This year, we have been doing team visits to our clients, especially new clients, so that everyone (from recruiters to sources) gets to meet the company, their hiring managers, and their technical team. We’ve always had a good relationship with our clients, but in the past it was usually through one or two members of our team. We decided to do more team visits as a manifestation one of our fundamental ideas on how we do business: truly working with companies and resources as part of a team to match the best resource with the most fitting position. We are all on the same level and we are all working together towards the same goal. So naturally, we should all know get cozy, right?

It’s important for us to do this for many reasons. Everyone gets to personally see the offices where a resource could potentially work, we get to meet the team, and we can talk candidly to the hiring manager about his/her expectations, managerial style, and the open positions.  Our team is better equipped to more honestly advocate for the company and their team, as well as give a more in-depth description of the job requirements (such as, sing-alongs on Fridays or siestas at 2pm every day). To tell you, the candidate, why you would like working with their team.  Plus, one of our favorite parts of client visits is seeing resources we’ve already placed enjoying their new job!

But we don’t stop there, we like to personally meet our candidates as well. Besides, an excuse to show off our Batter 621 offices, it’s an opportunity for both of us to put a face to to the people who we have been communicating with. Resources can about their skills, their goals, and their lives; where they want to be, what they’re looking for, and how we can help them. Sure, we communicate a lot through phone and email, but there is something different about just getting to hang out with our resources and get to know them. More than once, after a great meeting with a talented person we have gone back to encourage a company meet them as well. With a strong relationship with both candidates and companies, we can be the best matchmakers possible.

It’s a little more effort on our part, but it’s completely worth it for all of us. It’s fulfilling for us to help candidates and companies complete their teams…to help someone find a job and to make someone else’s job easier. We love with we do.

Marty, Mike, and Andrew on their way to visit a client

Marty, Mike, and Andrew on their way to visit a client downtown. Slow pokes.

Anodine: An Animated typeface

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I don’t know what you’d do with this, BUT IT’S AWESOME.

Via this, brought to our attention by this.

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VIDEO: “Aaron Dignan: How to Use Games to Excel at Life and Work”

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I am really in love with this talk by Aaron Dignan (@aarondignan). I know that many of you will balk at the idea of a 28:57 minute video (not including buffer time), but it’s an extremely thoughtful lecture by Dignan that I guarantee you’ll enjoy.

Dignan discusses what makes games so enthralling to us: the use of skills, the constant challenge, and, generally being bad-ass heroes. Then he applies game rhetoric to our work lives, or at least what our professional lives could be. If you’re doing the same-old-same-old at work, never being called upon to be creative you’ll definitely become restless and bored. It’s certainly not satisfying. You could totally be the edgy, obviously complex, evil-fighting protagonist at your job.

…And I’m not just saying that because we happen to have a lot of super awesome job opportunities, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Ps. Aaron mentions Mike Monteiro’s meeting tokens. Brilliant.

Are you a programmer? Because you have some good lines.

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Pick-up lines for Web Developers*


“Hey, babe, U & I should interface together sometime.”

“Do they get a 404 error when they look you up in heaven? Because you’re an angel.”

“Our love as a position? Absolute.”

<div>: “You complete me.”
</div>: “Awww.”

“Let’s remove the &nbsp; between us.”

“How tall is my dream girl? Probably like 650px.”

“Dang gurrrrl with a <head> and <body> like that how r u single?”

“If I could, I’d set your smile as my favicon.”

“Oh man, do you you work out? <strong>You look so</strong>”

“Our love could <span> the ages…..we’ll never have to refresh.”

.heycutiecanigetyour {
color: # _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _

“Can I see your CSS? Cuz boi, you got alotta style.”

“Stick with me, honey. I will never <br /> your <3”


*In my free time, I spend my time being a nerd with my friends and this is what happens. You’re welcome.