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“6 Ways Recruiters Can Make a Difference”

Never before has the time been riper for recruiters to make a real difference to the profitability of their firms. The differentiator between profits, innovative products, and long-term success is, very simply, the quality of talent.

As gatekeepers, your function is far from trivial. You are key to finding the best talent and therefore ultimately a core player in corporate success. But we continue to act like our job is about as important as sorting screws or stocking shelves. We are rarely influencers or early adopters of technology.

via ERE

Really great article from ERE that might give you some insight into what we do and how we work! (Read the full article here).

01. Narrow the Field.

Determine who the most critical hires are for your firm — the ones who generate revenue, create new products or services, or build strong customer relationships — and then focus primarily on locating where the best of those people are. Use social media, targeted messaging, and focused branding to attract them. Every recruiter should have a community of interested, qualified, and available talent so that they can quickly fill any open position.

At BWB we have 15 minute morning stand-ups to discuss what our priorities for the day. This allows us to concentrate our efforts and be more effective.

02. Get relevant data.

Spend the time to establish measurable and meaningful goals that can be proven by facts and data. Your goals and what you focus on have to be approved and believed by the hiring managers. The best way to establish the measures is to include hiring managers in formulating them.

Keeping with our pseudo-Agile management, we have burndown charts of specific candidate data which we collect each week in order to establish concrete statistics on our workflow. We also make sure to keep our hiring managers involved and love when the entire team meets with our clients and talks about the requirements for an open position.

03. Go for the Crowd.

Leverage your employees and seek out connections, referrals, and recommendations of good people. Don’t worry about specific professions or skills. Go for anyone who your employees think is a high performer, unusual thinker, entrepreneur, and doer. You can screen them later and, as work changes and new needs arise, who knows whom your firm may need.

Did this remind you of our awesome BW Loyalty Program? I thought so. We work with great people. Great people know other fantastic people. It just makes sense. We are proud of the fact that our resources enjoy working with us enough to recommend us to their friends.

04. Move the Transactional Out.

Outsource or automate whatever is routine, transactional, and doesn’t directly lead to a new candidate, a close, or a hired person. Your job is to find and get great people hired. It’s not to administer paper, write reports, manage budgets, and schedule interviews. Someone else (or a tool) can do this, freeing you and your team to hire the most critical contributors.

While our team members have specific duties like sourcing or managing our social media (ahem, yours truly), we also work together to “remove impediments” from each other, #Agile. People working with us will notice that we have also switched to e-signatures in order to dramatically reduce the time spent on paperwork—both for us and you. Plus, we have some great things in the works… 😉

05. Empower Hiring Managers.

“Let them do more. This is their hire, not yours. You are the scout, the initial evaluator, and the coach. You should be coaching the hiring managers and advising them how to probe, sell and close.”

If our hiring managers were peanut butter. Man, you know we’d be the jelly. The people we work with are our partners and good relationships are extremely important to us.

06. Use Technology.

“Everything including branding, sourcing, interviewing, assessing, marketing, onboarding and workforce planning can be augmented or even completely offloaded to technology.

For example, social media, and crowdsourcing techniques can relive you of most of the need for Boolean search, job posting, and other time-consuming tasks with low return on your time investment.”

You’re reading this right now? Great, that’s half the battle…

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