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ooOO! SVGs may be coming to a browser near you!

Smashing Magazine published an article today (Resolution Independence with SVG by David Bushell) that should certainly made me excited and I thought I should share for all the web designers out there.

The article basically discusses the benefits—nay, the necessity!—of implementing scalable vector graphics in web design.

“When we look at the breadth of Web-enabled devices, responsive design is sure to provide a better user experience.”

Think about all the devices we navigate the web through, many of them have have the capability to zoom in and when you have created your designs in a pixel-based program, like Photoshop, the designs get…well, pixelated. Bushell points out that SVGs have probably been under-appreciated and underused in the past because of poor browser support, “but things are better now!” If you’re a UI designer who has yet to dip his quill in the ink of SVG coding, you should check out this article where Bushell gives a great discussion about implementation SVG in web design, both pros and cons.

Your admittedly-biased SVG fan,

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