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First Friday at BWB

> Opening stone crabs is super-fantastical fun!

> Marty cracking open a claw

> Sweet victory

A little spontaneity is the spice of life.

At the end of the day on Friday, the BWB enjoyed a little bit of stone crab and mustard sauce (thanks, Dave!).  Then, some of the team was stayed for First Friday celebrations in the Battery621 where we had an awesome time with with the crews of Icelandic, Something Independent, The Public Works, and especially Spyder (to name a few). It is great to work in the same building with inspiring people and companies!

And as a side note from yours truly: I have to say–after  growing up in Nebraska and going to school in Wyoming–there is simply something special about the energy, drive, and ambition of Denver that is unavoidable in the best possible way. And it is my admittedly biased opinion that our Battery crew embodies that amazing spirit of Colorado. You’ll have to catch up with us next First Friday!

– Jacklynn

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