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Rubbing elbows with “adventurous risk-takers” of all kinds

Dave Bacon and Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper

On Tuesday night Something Independent, another awesome company in Battery621, held their first annual Snowsport Entrepreneur Award ceremony. Dave and I were luckily enough to have the night off and attend the event. Not only did the program run flawlessly under the skilled direction of Something Independent, but learning about all the participating companies was inspiring.

In Something Independent’s own words:

With this award, Something Independent looks to recognize those adventurous risk-takers who are putting it all on the line in pursuit of a dream. These individuals, their businesses and the teams behind them, bring our Colorado story to life. We are honored to present this first time award to a Colorado company poised to become a leader in our nation’s new entrepreneurial economy.

Governor John Hickenlooper started off the evening with a speech in the down-to-Earth but energizing way he has. He spoke about the importance of entrepreneurs in Colorado, not only for the economy, but for the innovation and inspiration their ideas bring to the business community as a whole. Entrepreneurs are in the business of imagination.

Shannon Foley, Executive Director of the Love Hope Strength Foundation, was the MC for the evening and she did a truly wonderful job directing the evening.

The businesses that entered the competition was Condorcam, (based here in the Battery 621!), Nightmare Development, Flylow Gear, Mile High Mountaineering, Meier Skis, Astis Mittens, Splitboarder.com, Deco Mounts, Folsom Custom Skis, Grace Skis, Loki, Level 1 Productions, The Snow Ball, Sun Dog Athletics, Mountain Media, Rawh Expressions, Supple Collection, Prism Designs, Voormi, Jeff Nass Photography, Sick Stickz, RTP, Athlete Forge, Colorado Power Forecast, and Activegearreview.com. It was hard not to root for all of them. They were all so passionate about their work and what their companies can bring to their customers and Colorado. We were buzzing about it in the office the next day. Keep on keeping on, guys!

The award winner was Flylow Gear and in addition to having some great recognition last night, they also received $1,500 dollars to spend any way they choose.

2011 Snowsport Entrepreneur Award, contestant picture

2011 Snowsport Entrepreneur Award contestants

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