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HP’s Tablet Fiasco: Fundamental Business Lesson

BusinessInsider.com published an article today about HP’s recent TouchPad flop – a fabulous anecdote with a valuable lesson for the ages:  stop trying to copy the competition, dummy!

(This applies particularly if you are a second-rate,  years-behind-the-power-curve PC manufacturer, by the way, but really it’s universal).

After a reasonable amount of buzz and market anticipation prior to its launch, the TouchPad was released to abysmal sales and even worse reviews.  Now, most major retailers want their money back, or at least want the product the hell off their shelves.  Like yesterday.  Most are slashing prices to dump inventory.

The lesson?  Well, the co-founders of 37Signals said it best in their book, REWORK:

“The copycat doesn’t really know why something looks the way it looks or feels the way it feels or reads the way it reads.  The copy is a faux finish.  It delivers no substance, no understanding, and nothing to base future decisions on.  Plus, if you’re a copycat, you can never keep up.  You’re always in a passive position.  You never lead; you always follow.  You give birth to something that’s already behind the times – just a knockoff, an inferior version of the original.”

Man, that burns.

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