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BWBacon is A Little Bit Different

Not different like this …

But different.

How, you ask?  A staffing firm by an other name, right?  Let me count the ways…

  1. We’re digital.  We believe that if you want to support green and digital clients and projects, you should walk the talk.  BWBacon Group recently partnered with DocuSign to digitize our documents and contracts.  No more printing, signing, scanning, faxing … it’s all digital.
  2. We believe in giving back.  Not only are the employees of BWBacon Group actively involved with a number of charitable organizations in the community, but we have instituted the BWGiving program, whereby we donate a percentage of our profits for each hour a consultant works to a charity or non-profit of his or her choice.
  3. We pay net-7.  That means our consultants start getting paid before we do.  One week following the first Friday on-the-job, to be exact.  Considering industry-standard is net-30, we think that’s something to write home about.  Or at least blog about.
  4. We’re more interested in relationships than bottom-lines.  We want a collaborative partnership with our clients and candidates.  We believe in transparency, fostering honest dialogue and being a strategic part of our partners’ growth.
  5. We add real value.  Our clients and candidates say so:

“It’s clear that BWBacon cares as much about the candidates and their fit with our company as they do about our company, which is why we have grown to work with BWBacon in a partnership rather than as a one-off placement recruiter.”

“It quickly became clear to me that it was Dave Bacon and his team who added the value, not the staffing industry.  BWBacon worked tirelessly to provide solutions to my staffing needs.  When the other firms closed up for the night or the weekend, Dave and his team was then shifting into high gear, staying on the job and in contact with me until my problem was solved … BWB stands for ‘better with bacon’ and I’m here to tell you that statement is absolutely true.”

“The staffing services from BWBacon are very impressive, quick, efficient and yield the best resources – even in comparison to the large firms.”

We seek partners, not clients.  We want to build a community of talent, not a pipeline of candidates.  We want to add value.  And we strive to be different.

CONTACT US for more information about partnering with BWBacon Group.

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