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Yo No Soy Carnivore? Soy Bacon.

Sometimes we omnivores need to be humbled a little bit, and reminded that – much as we may believe the sun rises and sets with bacon – many of our friends live in an equally respectable meatless universe.  Longtime BWBacon ally, Rick Manley, today reminded us that even those of the vegetable-favoring persuasion miss bacon from time to time, and our near incessant obsession with the meat is a little one-sided.  Rick – this one’s for you.

While we can’t concede that meatless bacon-like alternatives quite stack up to the real thing, we can point out some of the favorable characteristics:  One (1) slice of Smart Bacon ® has half the fat and half the calories of its carnivorous counterpart, less sodium and only slightly less protein.  I can’t attest to the taste, but I will give Smart Bacon a BWBacon honorable mention.  And a hat’s off to you, Mr. Manley, for keeping us honest.

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