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BWGreat People – May Consultant Profile

Meet Anthony Stavile!

– What do you enjoy most about the project you are currently supporting with BWB? I am working with the coolest group of people ever assembled and the software and the the product will change people’s lives.

– What do you think the singular most important thing is for other contract or job-seeking technical resources to be doing in order to set themselves apart?
Ones ability to ski, play guitar, write poetry and to drive a standard transmission… Humm… other than that I believe it’s very important to come across as a people and team person. One’s technical skills will be determined on the technical interview and if the employer doesn’t believe that you will fit in, it doesn’t matter how technical

– What technologies do see as being most vital to have in your consultant toolbox? Or that you rely on most? What’s your forte?Java or .C# .net are the biggies. C# under WPF is Microsoft’s future for the moment any way. It’s important to be as well rounded as possible. The best programmers understand all areas of the project development life cycle – including, front end, back end and middle tier programming.  Did I mention I love C# under WPF???
– What’s your experience been like in working with BWB?
Well if I must in all my years of working with placement people, BWB is the only one who stays in touch, follows, up and cares. I’m sorry to say that many other recruiters, fall off the face of the earth once you are placed but not you guys!
– What organization did you choose for BWGiving and why?
The Saint Vincent DePaul ministry at Saint Marry’s Church in Littleton helps the poor regardless of their religious denomination… and I also happen to volunteer for them. One should note that there are many Saint Vincent DePaul ministries through out Colorado the US and I believe the world.
– What are your hobbies/interests?
That would be skiing, writing poetry and doing open mikes, playing guitar and hiking. This may sound strange but I also program for fun (yes that means independent of the project I am working on) just because I think it’s cool.
– Batman or Superman? Why?
Batman is cool because he doesn’t have any superpowers with the possible exception of Bat sense but he has a lot of cool stuff… I used to joke about being Batman but I wasn’t joking. It was my way of hiding my identity. I should note that I started the Bruce Wayne rumor. No one at the food restaurants actually believed me but little did they know.
– Favorite band of the 1970’s? Favorite song of your favorite band?
Several, I thought it was the Cars but they sort of coasted after 2 great albums (I mean CDs)… no pun intended. Pink Floyd and Van Hallen worked before Van Hagar. Favorite song, that would be I am the Walrus by the Beatles, I know they didn’t quite make it to the 70’s
– What place in the world is the most inspiring place you have ever been? Why?
Argentina. I used to go to race camps there during our Summer. I’ve been to many places in South America and the people are wonderful. I always thought that if you wanted to solve the worlds problems every one should spend a week there (not at the same time of course) and see just how friendly people can be.
– It’s the year 2020 – not literally, but 10 years from now, put yourself forward – how was Colorado changed?
The tree’s in my yard got bigger.


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